Sorry NAHBS, We Should Have Called…

We’ve been doing a lot of moving and shaking lately setting up our new shop, so unfortunately we won’t be attending NAHBS this year. But we do have a tradeshow booth that cost a pretty penny and about 25,000 of empty space, sooo we thought we’d do our own little show. More pics available on flickr.

Our new shop at Headquarters Boston is the perfect spot for our 2011 NAHBS booth. The all white walls with the industrial lights just blends together so well with our new space. And since we have a couple friends who will be building here as well we asked them to join in. Including Bryan Hollingsworth, of the legendary Royal H Cycles. As well as Mike Salvatore’s Sketchy Cycles.

The only problem is I think we forgot to invite anyone to our little party…

As for the Geekhaus frames in the booth we have a very special bike for us. It’s our first stainless bike using KVA’s new stainless tube-set. We’re still playing around with this tubing a bit, so don’t expect anything available in the immediate future but it’s definitely something we’re working on.

Other than that the new shop is moving along nicely. We’re back up and running and started our first frame in the new shop this past week. It’s super exciting to be in the new space, and to have plenty of room to spread out the machines and have a nice new office!

Stay tuned for future updates, we’re trying to schedule an Open House for May. But we have a lot of walls to build from now til then. In the mean time, we wanted to say good luck to everyone at NAHBS in Sacramento!! We’ll be seeing you all at NAHBS in 2013 in….BOSTON!?!???


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