West Coast CX Report

Robot has sent us this amazing update on our west coast CX team.


Wow. . . the past two weeks of racing have been great out here on the western front! This past weekend involved the Lion of Fairfax of Vallejo which featured a thoughtfully designed course with lots of opportunities to get rad and was run on LIVE GRASS! (That is a big deal out here.)

It should be noted that our own ZBASS and N-DAWG helped design and set up the course. Speaking of ZBASS, he took 4th

in his race and Milin (I think) took first.

Nice Job Fellas! Meanwhile, good ‘ol Robot managed to pull off 9th place in the Elite field and enjoy some good harassment from the announcer (see around 1:20 for the harassment).

Too bad I totally got out foxed by an old guy.

At some point I’m going to have to have Milin explain what the hell is going on here:

Sunday broke my streak of riding on grass as we returned to the broken 40 bottle and discarded needle course across from the ‘Niners stadium in Candlestick Park. To the credit of the race promoters (and especially Paule) the course was about as fun as a can be for a sandy tetanus hazard. Sadly things didn’t go so well for Mr ZBASS

but he sure looked good while it lasted

and he made up for the loss by forming a SuperPro heckling line.

My race, however, was great

especially when crushing my frenemy Christopher Kelly (if only briefly) who is a training robot. I sure looked good doing it too. (Thanks Steven Woo for the photo.)

<3 Robot


More great photos by Ted Ketai follow:

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