Geekhouse X Reload, Razzle Dazzle Collabo…

Geekhouse has teamed up with the guys at Reload Bags! After the Philly Bike Expo, the guys at Reload came to us wanting to match some of the Razzle Dazzle CX magic into one of their Flight Packs. And a few revisions later we came up with a bag that has the true essence of our neon warriors fused in. I have to say, I’ve been a big fan of the guys at Reload for many years now, so I’m super excited about this project. They’re an amazing small business still doing everything by hand, and are passionate about what they do. For more info and purchasing visit the Reload website! But wait there’s more…

With each Reload X Geekhouse bag you’ll also receive a Cuppow Razzle Dazzle CX cap inside! Now I know what you’re thinking… But Marty I already visited the Geekhouse Bigcartel site, and bought the LIMITED EDITION NEVER TO BE AVAILABLE AGAIN ONLY TIL DEC 15th Geekhouse kit. Well then looks like you have a great stocking stuffer for that oh so special person.

For even more info and video of the actual bag. Check out Reload’s super exciting, action packed video, including a cameo from our favorite King Cog X Rosko CX rider, Mr. JP himself.



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