Annual Geekhouse CX Party!!!

It’s that time again! Come join the Neon Clad warriors of the Geekhouse CX team for Bold sprinting, Pretty Things, and Ke$ha, ohhh my!!!

The party is at the Middlesex Lounge in Central Square Cambridge on SUNDAY December 16th after the Fitchburg State CX Champs. Event is starting at 7pm and going til Midnight or later. Facebook event HERE!

Special thanks goes out to Pretty Things, who has supplied us with a drink special, which will include Pretty Things pint glasses.

Also a shout-out to Joshua Kampa of Arc En Ciel who will be hosting Bold Sprints. This year we’ll be doing some team competitions, so watch out Stampede and Bicycles Bills, Bradford has been training like Rocky in preparation! #Beardpower ***THIS JUST IN!!! CUPPOW is putting up a super awesome Cash Money Dolla Dolla Bills prize for the winner of Sprints!!!!

Come join for some spandex booty-shakin action!!! See all of y’all there!!!

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