HQ Boston Progress, Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! So it’s taken a while, but we are finally making some major progress at HQ. It takes a while to build out a 25,000 sqft warehouse!!! For 2013 we’re working on a bunch of stuff for the space here including a website listing the 15 or so businesses we have in our space. Stayed tuned for more info!

Many of you have seen that’s we’ve been working with only frame work for the past few months. In December, we finally got finished walls!

Once the guys from Eddlum Sheetrock got started, I couldn’t believe how fast they moved! This was the best Xmas present ever, haha!

Getting started…

All buttoned up!

Final skim coat of plaster and voila, a wall! For more pics of the progress here check out our flickr page. Now back to building bikes, we have a little show we’re working on coming up in just 7 weeks. Ahhhhh!!!!


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