Shredfest with a batch of 2013 Wormtown MTBs

2013 Wormtown custom steel mountain bike frames

Last week we shipped out three Wormtown frames – two team Project Sconey frames, and one for our customer, Heidi. These are one of the last few frames we finished up before heading into NAHBS at fult tilt.

Heidi's 2013 Wormtown custom steel mountain bike frame

Heidi had a vision for what she wanted her frame to look like from the start. A cool gray first coat mixed with a purple sparkle second coat made for a really awesome metallic gray effect.

Heidi's Wormtown custom steel mountain bike frame

Heidi’s team has pink as one of its main colors, so we added decals that would keep her looking pro.

Wormtown mountain bike dropouts

Finishing up with Paragon low mount drop outs, mixed with OX Platinum tubing, this is a light, crisp ride.

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