Cait’s Mudville Gets a Makeover

After three cyclocross seasons of mud, blood, and maybe more than a few crashes, Cait’s first Mudville (and now “b bike”) was in need of a paint update from the good old team blue and pink. She handed her frame and fork over to us, and said, “Paint it however you want, I trust you guys.” Her first mistake.

In addition to being our factory team’s elite rider, she’s also Geekhouse’s office manager, which made it a little tricky to try and surprise her with what Brad, Jordan Low, and I had planned. For weeks, she’d snoop around the shop, wondering what was taking so long. We just told her we were powdering it black. And then asked her to go do something else.

She even FOUND our “secret” paint sample, posted it on Instagram and had no idea what was going to happen. Okay, so, maybe we’re bad at hiding things from her, but despite our best efforts at surprise-sabotage, Cait was totally shocked.

To make this look happen, Brad powder coated the whole frame a rose color, and then handed off the frame and Enve fork to Jordan Low to paint the fade and splatter.

Best b bike ever? We think so.

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