Greggles in Embrocation Cycling Journal

We’ve been busy dodging snowflakes, recovering from our trip to Denver, and building a ton of new frames – which sadly doesn’t leave a lot of room for blogging! That’s why we’re happy to share with you today, here, now, something from another corner of the universe entirely.

Greggles of ‘used to work here’ and ‘now works at Cuppow‘ fame spent last summer scribbling in a notebook and what came out the other end made us laugh, cry (literally), and question whether we are just bicycle frame builders… or life-altering Fiddler on the Roof-style matchmakers.

If you don’t know, Greg was in a pretty tough accident shortly after leaving Geekhouse wherein his bicep was caught on an open door, lacerated open, and ended up looking like Admiral Ackbar for a few weeks. He was off the bike for a while and it was quite a shot to our otherwise intrepid Woodville riding friend.

The good news: he transformed all of that angst, frustration, and inability to grow a ‘depression beard’ into a story published in the most recent Embrocation Cycling Journal. It’s classic Greggles and has been called by some as the greatest pseudo-homo-erotic Objektophilie man-bicycle love story of Winter 2012. To top it all of, it was shot by the fearless Heather McGrath who dared go where no photog. had gone before: Greg’s disgusting bedroom. And so we’re proud to share with you- exclusive out takes!

For the whole story you’ll need to check out the magazine yourself. You can purchase here or drop in to Ride Studio Cafe, Golden Saddle Cyclery in LA, or any other place that serves a combination of alcohol and caffeine to people who occupy travel lanes.

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