Henry T’s SS Woodville

Henry T’s S&S Woodville turned out to be one classey build! Henry wanted a Rando style Tourer that would be easy to travel from his native England, to other parts of the world. His first trip was to the good old US of A for a 500 mile trek around New England.

The maiden voyage of this bike was from Boston to Pennsylvania! I started with Henry for the first 30 miles of the trip. After a flat tire and a couple wrong turns, we had an absolute blast! I wish I could have ridden with Henry longer, but had to get back to build build build.

Henry gave us the fun opportunity of what we call “Wildcard” on the powder. Aka, we get to choose whatever we want! He gave us a general idea of what he wanted, but we picked out the final color. This Pink/Salmon came out awesome, it was hard to photograph a true representation of just what the color looked like in person, but I assure you it looks amazing.

As always we used True Temper to, OX Platinum on this build to be specific. The S&S couplers looked super hot on the frame as well!

Again using the V2 Geekhouse Cyclocross drops, with added eyelet for rack/fender mounts.

Love those sexy curves on the S-bend stays. Really excited on how this came out, Henry is loving it as well and wrote this to us after a couple weeks of riding “I can’t say thanks enough- the few days in the states completely restarted my riding.” Thank you Henry, I’ll be hitting you up when I finally plan that Tour around England!!


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