(Far) East-side pride, Nobu’s ‘Team Mudville’

This is our good buddy Nobu who lives over in Japan (part of the Blue Lug family in Tokyo). We built him a Team Mudville for this season and he built it up to be a beautiful beast of a racing machine. Nobu reps Geekhouse hard over in Japan! We’re grateful to have such an awesome all around guy be pumped on our products, half a world away.

Nobu’s 2013 Team Mudville is set of with 44mm HT, and tapered Enve fork, with canti brakes. Love the boss Zip wheels on this build!

Flying over the barriers! It’s amazing how close some of the pictures of Cross in Japan looks like New England.

Love the throw-back bar tape/housing on this build!

These photos were part of Blue Lug’s blog. Check it out to see the full set of photos. While we aren’t fluent in Japanese, there are a lot of exclamation points, so we’ll assume he’s stoked on his new bike! Thanks Nobu, you rock man!!!


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