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Geekhouse Bikes

Geekhouse is a hand-built bicycle company based out of Boston Ma. Started by owner and builder Marty Walsh, Geekhouse stands for fun, approachable, high-end bicycles.

Everything we do is in house, including fabrication, powder, and now painting. We also do direct sales and often source components and assemble complete bicycles to the end user. We are dedicated on focusing of the quality of what we build and the quality of the customer experience.

We’re looking for someone who is a problem solver, and a perfectionist. There is only one way to do things, the right way. Candidates must be energetic, hard working, and dedicated on learning and improving. They must also be comfortable moving between varying different tasks quickly and effectively.

Bicycle Frame Building Assistant/Shop Manager.

Looking for a Frame Building Assistant/Shop Manager. Candidate would report directly to Marty Walsh. ‘Wanted, person for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold. Long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in event of success.’


• Skilled bicycle mechanic, including wheel building
• Insane knowledge of past and current bicycle components
• Knowledge of TIG welding
• Knowledge of Milling machines operation, and fixturing for bicycle construction
• Knowledge of custom bicycle Fitting
• Knowledge of QBP ordering procedures
• Microsoft Excel Ninja



• Organizing and placing component orders from various vendors like QBP.
• Organizing inventory of tubing, and small parts in our shop.
• Ordering Shop materials and consumables
• Clean and sweeping office and floors


• Prepping customer raw materials, such as tubes, drop-outs, braze-ons
• Tube Mitering of Customer Frames
• Tack Welding bicycle frames
• Finishing of powder coated frames: Reaming, Tapping, other Prep
• Complete assemblies, wheel building
• Packaging, Shipping
• Cleaning everything, all of the time.
• Etc.

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