(Far) East-side pride, Nobu’s ‘Team Mudville’

This is our good buddy Nobu who lives over in Japan (part of the Blue Lug family in Tokyo). We built him a Team Mudville for this season and he built it up to be a beautiful beast of a racing machine. Nobu reps Geekhouse hard over in Japan! We’re grateful to have such an awesome all around guy be pumped on our products, half a world away.

Nobu’s 2013 Team Mudville is set of with 44mm HT, and tapered Enve fork, with canti brakes. Love the boss Zip wheels on this build!

Flying over the barriers! It’s amazing how close some of the pictures of Cross in Japan looks like New England.

Love the throw-back bar tape/housing on this build!

These photos were part of Blue Lug’s blog. Check it out to see the full set of photos. While we aren’t fluent in Japanese, there are a lot of exclamation points, so we’ll assume he’s stoked on his new bike! Thanks Nobu, you rock man!!!


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CUPPOW/Geekhouse CX-Orchard Cross

Here at Geekhouse, we love Cyclocross, and we’ve been racing all season here in the Northeast. In the next couple weeks we’ll be posting some of our favorite pics, from our favorite races. The season’s almost over here, but we just wanted to say thanks to all our sponsors, especially CUPPOW. Couldn’t have done it without you guys! Also, big thanks to Geoff Hull for the photos!

Josh A’s killing it in Masters 35+ this year!

Kevin S, powering up the run-up.

Ian S and Matt S, battling over who can wear the smaller skin suit.

Andrew L, gettin low over the whoops!

Matt S with a little spring in his step!

Thanks guys, more posts soon!


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Water Bottles and Caps FOR SALE!!

We have some extra water bottles and caps from out club kit order this summer! So head on over to our store and order while supplies last!

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Joey D’s Rando Cross Bike

Joey wanted a Geekhouse Mudville equipped for a bit of the gravel grinding, as well as hitting up some CX racing outside of Detroit. Featuring an 1 1/8″ HT with the steel ‘Yo Marty’ fork, custom Geekhouse front rack, and canti’s, this bike is traditional yet modern. As Brad would say this bike is simple and sweet. After seeing it all built up with the Sram Force group and Velocity wheels, I thought to myself that I’d be happy building this exact bike all year round!

This is the first “Pilgrim’ rack we’ve made for Canti post, and I love how it came out!

Featuring True Temper OX Plat, this bike has everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Hand made at Headquarters in South Boston.

It may be November, but there’s plenty of shredding left in this season. Thanks Joey, have as much fun riding this bike as we had making it!


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We were lucky to have Pedros pair with us this season, they got us an amazing tool kit and cleaning products. Pedros is celebrating their 25th year this year of operation and still have their offices in good ol’ New England!

Pedros started around the same time that I got into riding in New England. I’ve always loved and used their stuff, and continue to do so in the shop. So the Geekhouse team and myself are super excited to have them be involved in our cross team as well!

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CUPPOW/Geekhouse/B2C2 CX Elite Squad

I love racing on the weekend! We’re about to head up to Green Mountain CX in Williston VT for a fun packed weekend of turning ourselves inside out. Here’s a run down on some shots of the B2C2 squad from last weekend at Quad Cross. Above Ian Schon rocks the start!!!

Mike Wissell sprinting over the Newbury Comics barriers.

Kevin Sweeney racing hard, while a bunch of knuckle heads cheer (sort of) on.

Mike and Ian with their 2013 Team Mudville Disc and Canti race bikes!

I can’t believe just a week before their bikes looked like this. They grow up so fast!!! See you at the races!


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Everything’s coming up Geekhouse!!!

We’ve been doing a ton of work and planning for this year’s CX Team. But we’ve also had a lot of help this year from our sponsors. In the first installation of thanks, we’ve posted some pics of the components and products that have come in our hands the last few weeks.

It was great seeing our riders out this past weekend, working all the bugs out, and shaking off the rust for a new season. By the Gloucester Gran Prix, we’ll have new CUPPOW/Geekhouse Riders, Kits, Tent all ready to rock! Thanks again to CUPPOW for stepping up as title sponsor this year, and enabling us to create an epic Elite Squad!!!

As also, thanks to Thomson components for all the support over the years, and for continually making an amazing product! We use Thomson components on our bikes year round so it’s great to have them be part of our cross team as well.

Velocity really came through this year with some amazing Major Tom and A23 Wheelsets for the Elite Squad. Disc or Canti, these rims are now made in the USA. Super light, super strong. You’ll see these wheels on the majority of bikes we build.

Paul Components is stepping up the the plate this year with Canti and Mini brakes. I have to say, I’ve been running the Mini-V’s for almost a month now, and I’m in LOVE!

Who doesn’t love a GU 30 min before a race?

Conti came through with a pair of X-Cross tires for the entire squad. I have to say these are my favorite clincher race tire. I’ve also been starting the season on the File Treads for dry and dusty courses, and I’m loving them more and more.

Kind bar also came on last year as a team sponsor. While Brad and I try to hoard as many of these as possible, they are a great pre or post race snack. And also great on those longer rides in the back of the jersey pocket.

I might have used the word Love a few too many times in this post. But we’re excited to work with our sponsors because we love their products, spec them on our personal bikes and use them just about every day. We don’t support a company if we don’t LOVE what they make. Thanks again guys, and see you at the races!


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Fast Boy Cycles, ‘FAAST’ bikes Auction

I’ve always been a big fan boy, of Fast Boy cycles. Erza’s bicycles are beautiful, tasteful, and look like they hail from a classic era, yet with a modern take. Good stuff. Though I’ve only chatted with Ezra a number of times, I’ve always had a lot of respect for his style.

For the past 5 years he has fought with cancer. He is now auctioning off a couple bicycles he has developed throughout this time and donating the proceeds to the hospice care he is now receiving. For more on his story, check out his blog ‘Teaching Cancer to Cry’. For more on the auctions, check out Fastboycycles.com . The auctions end tomorrow Weds at 2pm, so make sure to check them out.

This past weekend I got to chat with Ezra a bit at the Brooklyn Bike Cult show. When I left the show Saturday night I said something like “Take it easy man”. He laughed and shook my hand and said “But not too easy!” So I’ll be keeping an eye on his “http://ezracaldwell.com/for-sale” page to see what he comes up with next.

Take it easy, but not too easy!


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Cross Season Cometh

As cross season approaches we come back to the dilemma of what crazy color combinations should we use. This year, after much deliberation and back and forth between Brad and I we decided on this color. Which we can’t agree on whether or not it’s a green teal or blue teal, or as our office manager Katty calls it the “My Little Pony” teal.

This is one of our teammates Andrew P’s newish cross bike. We built him and new frame while he used some of his old components from last year.

Neon yellow TRP brakes that matched our nutty colors last year now looks even better against that teal.

These are our Geekhouse V2CX rear dropouts updated for this years batch of cross bikes.

We’re going to have a lot of fun this year, and a few surprises up our sleeve as well! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for what we have in store. And yes, this new Kits will be Bright, oh so Bright!


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Henry T’s SS Woodville

Henry T’s S&S Woodville turned out to be one classey build! Henry wanted a Rando style Tourer that would be easy to travel from his native England, to other parts of the world. His first trip was to the good old US of A for a 500 mile trek around New England.

The maiden voyage of this bike was from Boston to Pennsylvania! I started with Henry for the first 30 miles of the trip. After a flat tire and a couple wrong turns, we had an absolute blast! I wish I could have ridden with Henry longer, but had to get back to build build build.

Henry gave us the fun opportunity of what we call “Wildcard” on the powder. Aka, we get to choose whatever we want! He gave us a general idea of what he wanted, but we picked out the final color. This Pink/Salmon came out awesome, it was hard to photograph a true representation of just what the color looked like in person, but I assure you it looks amazing.

As always we used True Temper to, OX Platinum on this build to be specific. The S&S couplers looked super hot on the frame as well!

Again using the V2 Geekhouse Cyclocross drops, with added eyelet for rack/fender mounts.

Love those sexy curves on the S-bend stays. Really excited on how this came out, Henry is loving it as well and wrote this to us after a couple weeks of riding “I can’t say thanks enough- the few days in the states completely restarted my riding.” Thank you Henry, I’ll be hitting you up when I finally plan that Tour around England!!


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