The black album…

Didn’t you hear, black is the new neon! Today completed a trifecta of black Mudvilles at the house of geek. I finally after months of talking about it, got a new Force group for my person Mudville! We then finished a re-furb on a 2011 ‘Team Mudville’ for Stephen in NYC. And last but not least finish a late-season beauty for Stafford.

Originally Stafford had requested pink outline Enve stickers for just his fork. But after seeing how good they looked on the fork, I had the stickers made in the Geekhouse font as well.

That along with the accents of a pink Chris King IS-8 and the King BB, this bike is looking sleek and has just the right amount of pop! Someone commented it looks like “Geekhouse and Rapha had a baby”. Still waiting on that call…cough cough Mr. Dunn!!!

When I put the first sticker on, I wasn’t completely happy with the position. I started to peel it off and it left just the releifs on the tube. It came out as such an interesting look I’m working on a decal with just that with a little extra. Keep an eye out for that on a future build.

Thanks guys!


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