YaHo, Northampton CX…a look back.

Cross season is officially over, so here’s a look back at once of the bigger races of the year, Cyclesmart Northampton. Our title sponsor, Cuppow, has been really great to us. So, there’s really no reason for one of our elite racers to be openly drinking out of a mason jar sans Cuppow! Oh that’s right, it was Mike’s special shake via BNTO.

Kevin has his game face on and isn’t letting anyone pass him!

This was a rough hill to run up, but Ian just looks like he’s out for a stroll.

Andrew flying through the flats!

Dream boat Ian flies around tough turns. Our 2013 Geekhouse/Cuppow tent is in the background. We might have gone pastel over neon for our elite riders, but make no mistake, Geekhouse is just as loud as ever! The cowbells help.

We make all Team Mudville’s to be as light and race ready as possible! Matt here, making it look like nothing jumping over those barriers.

Geekhouse Elite squad is not to be messed with! Check out Mike’s game face as he takes that turn!

Thanks for the great season NECX! And a millions thanks to Cuppow for being so great to us! We had a fun year and are excited to see what next years cross season will bring. See you in 2014!!!

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